About Us

ChristineChristine Hannah. C. HT Hannah is an Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and received her Advanced Certification and Diploma from the Hpynosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA in 2009.

Christine combines her broad knowledge of therapeutic hypnosis with a personalized style of interview and discussion to achieve the best possible results for each client. For every new client, she conducts a preliminary assessment to determine what approach hypnotherapy is most suitable for their issue. Her comfortable, professional manner quickly establishes a place of respect and trust. A connected bond allows for deep connection and facilitates healing and transformation. Treating the origins of patient concerns, rather the symptoms insures long-term results.

An attention to detail and sincerity is instrumental in the resolution of a myriad of conditions to include anxiety, phobias, smoking, addictions, eating disorders and so much more. When asked, Christine will tell you her greatest sense of accomplishment is in the area healing, dealing with the past, forgiveness and helping families to reconnect and restore healthy relationships. It is with that same compassion that she approaches all individual concerns. And that is what sets her apart from other practitioners. As one client said in appreciation, “Christine, you have a gift!” Indeed, and it is a gift to be shared!