Anxiety and Stress Relief

Relaxed and calm

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress Relief

At Napa Hypnosis we use the latest hypno-therapeutic techniques to help you overcome anxiety. Using the power of hypnotic suggestion, we work with you to identify, reduce and eliminate the root causes that give rise to your anxieties.

Our counselor show you how to effectively redirect your thoughts at the onset of an anxiety attack. Changing your thoughts can positively affect your body chemistry by allowing beneficial hormones to replace harmful ones. With this technique you can avoid the overwhelming sensations that come with an attack and effectively take control of the moment.

In many cases anxiety is accompanied by breathing irregularities. This inability to breathe properly can cause hyperventilation and dizziness. We teach you breathing techniques which will further reduce anxiety, and leave you feeling relaxed and in command.  Call Napa Hypnosis today for help in reducing and eliminating your anxieties.  You’ll soon see the difference in your attitude and ability to manage difficult situations.