Christine has a natural way of making one feel very comfortable and at ease.  She helped me reach a higher level awareness where the answer wasn’t “fixing” myself, but rather understanding where these issues stemmed from.  Christine showed me where my mindset of perfection came into play, and how to address the anxiety that is derived from it.  I have become more cognizant of my surroundings, and learning to control only what is within my means.  We are all in the process of creating a better version of ourselves. Christine gave me the tools to make it happen.  She genuinely loves what she does, and is excellent at specifically catering to each individual.  I’m very grateful to her for her guidance and support!

by Sona, Napa, CA


I can’t tell you what a difference that one session made and it’s still working. Even my back pain can’t stop me now. My entire being feels nurtured. I was in such a funk with my eating, my back pain, my attitude. . .I feel so empowered. Thank you so much! And thank ME for having the willingness to attend your seminar!

Dianne L.

It is now Tuesday May 29, 2012 and I have not smoked since my last session on Monday, April 2, 2012.!! …Gloria Schipper

I wanted to thank you again Christine. I am amazed at some of the differences I feel within myself. Not that I have become a different person but that more of the person I want to be has surfaced. I have had people tell me there is something different. They can see it, hear it and even feel it. I feel of worth. It is not just the tools you have, it is also who you are that makes our appointments so amazing. You have a gift. …Trish


I wanted to give you an update on how things are going with me since I last saw you. Last week was an incredibly busy week for me so it was difficult to get down to the gym. However, I have managed to get into a spin class and do some circuit training. On the days I wasn’t able to go to the gym I walked 2 miles. The interesting this is, today I have so much to do before I leave tomorrow that I have been stressed about being able to get it done. I looked at the schedule for the gym last night to see what class I would like to go to. There was one at 8:30. I got to bed late last night cause I went to Santa Rosa to see my daughter’s play. I told myself that IF I woke up early enough, I would go to the class but I wasn’t setting an alarm clock. I woke up at 7. I mowed the lawn, and puttered around then I went to the gym.

I just wanted to tell you all of this because the hypnosis is working and I think you deserve to know. YAY!!!! I can’t wait to come back for another session. Oh, the other thing that has happened all on it’s own is, I have not been craving sweets or much of anything else in the evening. Amazing! We haven’t even addressed that yet. I have written up a review for yelp, but I haven’t posted it yet. I wanted to not only talk about the success with the exercise but also with the weight loss because that is where I think you will get a lot of people if they can hear some results with weight loss. So, I am so excited to share the review and I am excited about the results so far.

thank you,