Christine Hannah. C. HTWelcome to Napa Hypnosis!  We use the latest Hypnotherapy techniques to help you to overcome many of the challenges and obstacles in your daily life that keep you from realizing your full potential.  We work with clients to achieve smoking cessation, reduce and eliminate anxiety and stress, manage weight, eliminate substance abuse, and enhance sports and work performance.

Christine Hannah is the founder and owner of Napa Hypnosis. She is an Accredited Hypnotherapist and received her Advanced Certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA.  Christine is highly recognized for her success in treating a variety of conditions.  In her practice, she combines  interview techniques, discussion and hypnotic methods to relax, empower and revitalize clients.  The goal with any treatment is to achieve effective, long-lasting results.  And it's all 100% natural!

Approved by the American Medical Association in 1958, hypnosis has long been used in many areas to achieve remarkable therapeutic results.  We can help you gain control over many of the challenges you face in your daily life.  Call Napa Hypnosis now for a preliminary assessment and rid yourself of the obstacles keeping you from reaching your full potential.

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